JASNA West Coast of Florida

Terry, our fearless founder, at our meeting honoring her years of leadership:

A Message from the Founder of the West Coast of Florida Region:

terryWhat can anyone say that has not yet been thought or said about our Jane?

There are so many articles, books, dissertations, movies, essays, letters, clippings, sites I am bound to repeat something that has already been said, if so please forgive me. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to prepare and attend our meetings. “Nothing ails me” when I am reading or discussing Jane Austen.

I know that my interest is shared by all members of our group. We read and reread her (Jane) novels and always find something new. She is one of the most quotable writers of our time, (she was ahead of her time) her sense of humor is noticeable throughout her novels and personal letters.

Why do we dream about a world so different from ours? –Could it be the civility and decorum in her writings? Was her world very different from ours? I think not.

Mrs. Bennet and even Mr. Darcy (P & P) were not that civil, Lydia’s (P & P) sense of decorum left a lot to be desired. Mr. Elliot (Persuasion) was vain, Mr.Wickham (P & P) a womanizer, Mary (P & P) righteous, Mrs. Russell (Persuasion), meddling. As we read on we will find more things that are similar to our world today with all the pride, prejudices, misconceptions, greedy and deception, but we also find romance, desire, tension and happiness ever after.

I often hear people saying “sex sells” when talking about a bestseller or a movie. Jane Austen had no sex scenes in her books, if you blinked you could miss an embrace or even a kiss, nevertheless she has attracted the young and not so young for over two centuries.

My guess is that we find something to relate to as we read or watch the several adaptations of her novels. I know we all have a little Lydia (P & P) in some of us as we look forward to a ball, a country dance a tea party or an AGM meeting which will encompass all of the above. .

How lucky we are to be in such “good company” –“not good, the best!”

Terezinha (Terry) Hubener - Founder
JASNA West Coast of Florida